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Planning a trip to Cusco? Do not miss visiting these places


Planning a trip to Cusco? Do not miss visiting these places

Many of the people who come to Cusco do so in order to get to know Machu Picchu, our wonder of the world. Nevertheless, they do not know that in the imperial city there are also other wonderful places that will leave you breathless, and will make that you fall in love with their histories and architecture.

We present you 6 mystical, colorful and historical places that you cannot miss visiting during your stay and trip to Cusco.

Cusco’s Plaza de Armas

In the time of the Tahuantinsuyo the square of arms of Cusco was an administrative, cultural and religious center; nowadays it is the nucleus of the imperial city, where in its surroundings you find: travel agencies, jewelers, tourist restaurants, hotels and some temples of the period of the conquest. Definitely a place that will connect you with our ancestors during your trip to Cusco.

Fortress of Sacsayhuaman

To raise this majestic fort, the Inca rulers needed more than 70 years and the force of 20 thousand men, who succeeded in placing stone after stone in such a precise way that at present it cannot enter a pin.

The Incas’ Sacred Valley

Characterized by having very special conditions, such as its climate, fertile lands and water of the sacred river of the Incas, the Vilcanota; this area has a fusion of Inca and Spanish architectural style. It is without a doubt, a place that will leave you great memories in your trip to Cusco.


The beauty of the design will dazzle you. It is said that these circular platforms were built to be used as an agricultural research center in the Inca Empire, however, it remains a mystery why its circular form. Travel and meet this place on your next trip to Cusco!


Also known as “Baños de Incas”, it is a very particular construction due to the extraordinary assembly of the stones that form the walls. Tambomachay has an amazing hydraulic system which carries crystal clear water all year round.

Plaza de San Blas

This colorful neighborhood, located in the heart of Cusco, is also known as the “Barrio de los Artesanos” for housing colonial houses, workshops and art shops with works by renowned artists from the city. In addition, its small narrow streets and the square of San Blas keep innumerable secrets of the imperial city that make it an unforgettable place.


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