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The warm city of Ica celebrates the well-known “Vendimia International Festival” every year. The festival offers its visitors an interesting and fun show that starts with the usual harvest of grapes, in the midst of sports, folkloric and cultural activities.

The vineyards are a very important part of the economy in the southern cities of Ica and Pisco, and help boost financial growth in the area. Peru is known worldwide for its pisco and wine, and is one of the most important wine producers in Latin America.

This festivity is a tradition to celebrate – and in a certain way – give thanks for the fertile lands. Typically, different producers allow the public to enter their vineyards, giving the tourists and visitors a special experience, where they can enjoy learning about the process of making pisco and wine.

If you decide to travel to Peru to celebrate the Vendimia Festival, we tell you that the festival lasts a little over a week, seven central days full of joy, culture and fun.


The Vendimia in Ica is a traditional activity that dates back to colonial times, with the first grapevines in their sunny and fertile valleys.

The celebration of the sowing has its first antecedents in the festivities that the pre-Inca and Inca cultures performed because of the corn harvests.

Routes to Ica

To arrive to Ica, capital of the department of the same name, from Lima you must travel 303 km through the South Pan-American Highway. Going that way takes approximately four hours.


The average annual temperature of Ica is 20 ° C, reaching up to 30 ° C in its summer season. We recommend wearing sunscreen, also take sunglasses and caps to protect yourself from the sun.

The festival offers pisco, wine tours, concerts and much more. With a free entrance, what could possibly be your excuse for not going?

Do not miss the Festival!