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Are you one of those who can spend the whole day looking for the most beautiful places in Lima? Do you already know which are the most recommended places to take your best photos while you know a little more about Lima ?, For the World Photography Day, Ferré Hotels guides you through the most prominent places of this beautiful city.

Barranco and its murals

Without a doubt, one of the most visited places is Barranco. Its historical and classic streets are a great inspiration in the art and culture of our city. In addition, there are currently many murals that highlight the beautiful and historic streets. Seeing the mixture of colors, crazy strokes and messages of each image gives light to Lima Gray.

The streets of El Olivar

There is no doubt that one of the most attractive places in San Isidro is the El Olivar Forest. The charm of this forest is not only limited to the landscape made up of huge trees, but you can also find a wide variety of birds. There is also the House of Culture, the Cultural Center “El Olivar”, the Chamber Theater, the Multipurpose Room, an Art Gallery and the Marina Núñez del Prado House Museum.

Presbítero Maestro Cemetery

It may sound a bit crazy, but the Master Presbyter is a good place to take some pictures. This cemetery houses in every corner the most amazing urban legends, you can also learn a little more about Peruvian history visiting the tombs that host the most important characters in Lima.

Magic Water Circuit

The Magic Water Circuit is a park where you can enjoy a night show of water fountains and lights. Currently this park has 13 sources that are electronically controlled and that together with a set of synchronized lights offer a true visual spectacle. In addition, most people can interact with the jets of water that each source throws away.


An ideal place to buy, eat and have fun, enjoying a spectacular view facing the sea. We are the only shopping center built on a cliff and in harmony with nature, in one of the busiest districts of Lima, such as Miraflores.