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Miraflores is one of the main districts of Lima, also one of the most visited districts by foreigners since in all this time they have traveled many recognized characters and Ferré Hotels puts at your disposal the best of our facilities, for all that and much more Come and fall in love with Miraflores, meet its most beautiful attractions.

Miraflores boardwalk

The Malecon of the green coast is located in the coastal area of Miraflores, between the Malecon de la Reserva and 28 de Julio avenues. This seawall is the meeting point of thousands of tourists every year, it is characterized by its incredible views towards the Peruvian sea, in addition to being a central place where you can find different shopping centers, restaurants and different recreational activities such as paragliding , cycling and water activities.

Love Park

The park of Love (Alberto Andrade Carmina Park) is located on the Costa Verde of Miraflores, it is a very busy environment for many couples in Lima due to the characteristic that this place represents, it was built and inaugurated in 1993, it has been causing these Years thousands of visitors who are amazed by the incredible views and phrases of love that are inside, come and fall in love with Miraflores, know its most beautiful attractions.


Enjoy the view of the sea at sunset. You can also do sports activities such as biking, walking, running or just resting. It has large green areas and spaces to sit.

Antonio Raimondi Park

It is a park that belongs to the district of Miraflores, and is part of everything that makes up the green coast, this place is popular because it has a lighthouse which invites you to make very good photographic captures, it was created in honor of our members of The marine.

Las pizzas street

The street the pizzas of Miraflores or the passage San Ramón has been a spectacle since the 80’s in Lima, the name adopts it because in that narrow street they inhabit a large number of traditional pizzerias, but there are not only pizzas here, there are also You can find bars, restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious tickets.

Kennedy Park

It is a large park and very tourist, in the center of Miraflores. Surrounded by restaurants of excellent quality and service as well as many commercial stores, it became very popular for the hundreds of cats that inhabit their environments, when you arrive at the park you will realize that there are cats everywhere, in the trees, in the sidewalks, and they are very well treated by visitors, so if you are an animal lover or just want to come to live this experience sharing with the felines, do not forget to take photos of your visit, fall in love with Miraflores, know its most beautiful attractions .

Huaca Pucllana

Fall in love with Miraflores, know its most beautiful attractions A different place on this List, the huaca Pucllana de Miraflores has become one of the main tourist attractions and the most researched archeological site in Lima. It is built almost entirely with adobes and filled with boulders and sand. It is made up of a 25 meter high pyramid and a set of courtyards, squares and enclosures northeast of it. It has an exhibition hall, visits circuit and other attractions. A mandatory place to come both day and night, an experience you will not forget and best of all, is within the capital.