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There is no better celebration than the National Holidays to revalue the customs, culture and beauty of our country. In these special dates, the charm of our destinations is enhanced and our pride reaches its highest level by toasting with a glass of pisco while enjoying our varied and award-winning gastronomy. But what better way […]

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The best gift for a TRAVELER DAD

Father’s Day is coming and if you do not have ideas of what you could give him, you can give him a trip and, at the same time, an opportunity to relax with Ferré Hotels and forget the bad of his routine, take a bus and live an adventure with the best companion you can […]

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Songos the water park of nature

For lovers of adventure, one option is to visit the Togoganes de Songos (Huarochirí). Located at kilometer 63 of the Carretera Central, this destination offers hikes through different slopes upstream, crossing obstacles and climbing natural waterfalls. How to get to Songos? The Caserío de Songos is located in the district of San Jerónimo de Surco […]

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(Español) ¡Escapate de la rutina! 3 destinos cerca de Lima

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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Discover the charm of Caraz

Caraz is located in the department of Ancash, north of Lima and offers its visitors magnificent snowy landscapes and archaeological monuments. It is a beautiful place surrounded by mountain ranges with a temperate and sunny climate almost all year round. If you do not have travel plans, what do you expect to pack your bags? […]

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